A little about me

My experience is in photojournalism which means I've had to shoot nearly all imaginable situations at a moment's notice. Bad light, bad weather, bad situations it doesn't matter, I'll figure out a way to make it sing. I shoot editorial, commercial, portraits, weddings, events, sports and just about anything else you need, all with the eye of a photojournalist.
I've traveled around the world by sea, photographed all walks of life from U.S. presidents to people at rock bottom. Not much rattles me so when things around me get hectic I get creative. I believe there are no problems, only solutions.
I'm passionate about the outdoors and a bit obsessed with snow skiing. I like a good adventure, a challenge and perfect light. I've worked for five newspapers spanning both coasts, been published in major magazines and daily newspapers for 30 years. Now I'm ready to work for you. Let me document what you care about.